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Mike Rosko's -
Advanced E-Commerce
Training Program with BONUS OFFER PACKAGE!

I Specialize In Helping Everyday People increase Their E-Commerce Sales AND/OR Generate Their 1st E-Commerce Sale In As Fast As 21 Days...

My ULTIMATE GOAL For You = 6 Figures In Less Than 6 Months 
But This Depends On Many Factors!

Learn Exactly How I, As Well As The Top 1 % Of Amazon Sellers Are Able To Legally "Hijack" Top Selling Products That Rank On Page 1 With Full Permission...

All From Your Own Home Or Anywhere In The World Even If You Have ZERO Prior Knowledge Or Experience, WITHOUT Having To Learn How To Run Any Type Of Paid Advertising, Do Keyword Research, Or Create Your Own Brand...

Learn Quickly WHY Everyday People Are Reaching Their Goals While Making Life-Changing Amounts Of Money And Adding A Consistent, Predictable, and Sustainable Stream Of Income To Their Portfolio By Choosing This Recession Proof Business Model And Leveraging Successful Brands, Products, And Platforms That Already EXIST As Opposed To Starting A Business From Absolute Ground Zero

Learn How To Predictably Sell On Amazon And Other Platforms And Generate $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 or even $100,000 In Sales (8%-24% Profit On Average) Consistently Every Single Month!

Are You Ready To Join Thousands of Others And Be My Next Success Story?

Start NOW And Almost Immediately Generate Sales By Implementing A Proven Bulletproof Step-By-Step System That Builds You A Predictable, Consistent, Sustainable, Secure, And Profitable Cash Flow Machine By Selling The World's MOST Popular Name Brand Products!

Take The Shortcut To Seeing RESULTS Faster And Avoid Wasting Your Own Time And Money AND Make The Decision TODAY To Bypass Making Any Future Mistakes And Having To Overcome Any Failures By Claiming My Special Offer Now!

LIMITED TIME OFFER! - Only Available For The Next Couple Days!
If You Choose To Leave This Page And Come Back, This Offer May No Longer Be Available...

The BEST, Least Expensive, Most Up-To-Date, Most Helpful, And Most Hands On Amazon FBA Wholesale / Online Retail E-Commerce Training Program / Course To Date!

This Offer Could Be Yours Right NOW!

Here's What You Get:

  • Everything I Have to Offer In My Advanced E-Commerce Training Program For This MASSIVE Discount! (REGULARLY Sold For $1,300 Lifetime)
  • ​​1 Kickoff OR Accelerator / Accountability Mentorship 1 On 1 Coaching Call Included! (Worth $250)
  • Product Research Double Check / Verification Service - Think you found a great product to sell? You will never have to worry again! THE #1 MOST COMMON STRUGGLE = SOLVED! Send me the product, quantity, and cost and I will double check your product research to ensure it's a good product to purchase! (Worth $300/Month)
  • ​​1 FREE Supplier - I Will Help You Jumpstart Your Business By Giving You The Contact Information Of 1 Supplier That Is Responsible For MILLIONS Of Dollars In Profit Amongst Retailers (Worth $1,000's/Month)
  • ​Access to me if you have any questions or need any help for as long as you're subscribed! (Worth Unlimited Amounts of Money)
  • ​Optimal for those with limited capital and/or looking for another program to try without having to pay $1,000's of dollars!
  • Refund Guarantee + Ability to Cancel at any time - Just reach out to me via E-mail at or Facebook Messenger or your Platform of Choice!


Your Cost: $199.99



Item Price
$199.99 PER MONTH (43% OFF)
$129.99 (FIRST TIME OFFERING THIS! Access To ONLY My Program)
$499.99 PER YEAR (41% OFF)
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Our Refund Guarantee

We have a 14 Day Action-Based Guarantee, because we know this business works and we want people to take action. You should very quickly make your money back AND more that's how confident we are! You can read about the action-based guarantee by clicking on "14 Day". (Our 7 Day Trial Offer Is Not Included In Our Refund Guarantee).

IRS Code - Treas. Reg 1.162-f(a)(1) & Treas. Reg 1.162-5(a)(2) allows you to deduct this expense from your taxes. In other words...

Investing in this advanced e-commerce training program is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!




My GOAL Is Simple For YOU.

Provide YOU With The Top of the Line Over-The-Shoulder Rinse And Repeat Training Necessary To See Both Sales AND Profit in as Fast as 21 Days.

(P.S. After 21-30 days, if desired, we can schedule an Accountability Mentorship Coaching Call with Me!)

If you know me, you know I like talking about RESULTS only.

I like to let the results of my students do the talking. Period.

What Will You Learn That Will Directly Correlate To YOU Seeing Results?

1. How To Find Endless Amounts Of Suppliers To Source From And Products To Sell RIGHT NOW Essentially On Autopilot!

2. The BEST Strategies to Finding Suppliers that have Netted Miillions of Dollars Amongst Retailers!

3. The Unspoken NEW 2021 Way to Getting In the Buy Box Rotation (Buy Box = Instant Sale) Even If You Are A Brand New Amazon Seller With Zero Reviews Or Sales!

4. Get An Edge On Your Competition By Scooping Up The BEST Inside
Deals Your Suppliers Offer Before Everyone Else By Learning Ways As To How To Never Run Out Of Capital!

5. The Underground Techniques to Building Relationships in the Business World, Negotiating Discounts and Cutting Your Costs, Getting Ungated Both Fast and Inexpensive, Minimizing IP Alerts, Accelerating Sales, and Increasing Your ROI!

6. How To Essentially Get FREE Money By Leveraging Capital Which Will Allow You To Pay Off the Expense of This Advanced Program By Itself! (P.S. AND It's Tax Deductible!) DOUBLE BONUS!

7. How To Get To Your E-Commerce Business To The Point Of Systematization Where You're Fundamentally Automating Your ENTIRE Business From Start To Finish And Essentially Building Yourself A Passive Income MACHINE!

You Will Have The Ability To Use MY GuidesTraining Videos, Templates, SOP's, AND MY Expertise For Your Own Business For Training YOUR Own Team As Opposed To Having To Creating Your Own

So Instead Of Hiring A Human Resources Manager For Your Business, You Will Be Saving THOUSANDS Of Hours And Dollars! That Alone Is Probably Far More VALUABLE Than You May Understand Right Now! You Will See What I Mean In The Near Future!

8.  Something That Unfortunately 99% Of Other Programs Lack...

Learn How To Build a REAL Business, So You Can Implement the Skills You Learned In This Program Immediately If You Think of a Brilliant Idea and Want to Start a Brand New Business?

In Other Words, Not Only Will You Learn How To Build A Successful E-Commerce Business...

You Will Also Be Taught Something That Will Last You A LIFETIME

And much, much more...


Day 46 = $15,000 in 1 single day! "Your future self will thank you."

$5,000 in sales in 22 days!

$2,539 in 1 day. On the road to $1,000,000 for the year!

Taking the positives out of the Year 2020! These kinds of messages are what keeps me going in life. Period.

"Best thing I've ever done!"

Best advice! JUST START!

Literally 5 sales in just 2 weeks since working with me! I love seeing this stuff!

$2,200 in 12 days, reaching out to upgrade!

Not only making money, but having fun too!

First month doing this business model! $6,166.11!

FIRST $1,000+ DAY!

OVER $75,000/Month in just a few months!!!


P.S. I do want to mention your ROI on sales are typically 8%-24% PROFIT! It depends on what kind of business strategy you personally go for. High volume/turnover rate, high ROI, or a mix of both!


I Did A Survey And Asked Everyone Who Follows Me, What Bonuses They Think I Should Add That Would Be Most Beneficial To Everyone!

So Here's What I Am Adding!!!

1. Product Research Double Check / Verification - Never Have To Worry Again! Think You Found A Great Product To Sell? Send Me The Product, Quantity, And Cost And I Will Double Check Your Product Research To Ensure It Is In Fact A Good Product To Purchase!

Let's Be Real Here, This Service Alone Could Potentially Save You $1,000's Of Dollars! (Worth $300/Month)

2. Accountability Mentorship / "Ask Me Anything" 1 On 1 Coaching Call with Me - After About 21-30 days (optimal), if desired - This Coaching Call Is Designed To Hold You Accountable And Keep You On Track...

 Make The Most Of Our Time And E-Mail/Message Me ALL Of Your Questions BEFORE Our Call (Worth $250)

3. You Will Get Access To My Entrepreneur Exclusive Group - 

A. Gain The Ability To Network and Learn Inside Tips From and With Others Who Have Already Done It And Those on the Same Journey As Yourself! 

B. ​Get The Inside Scoop on Specific Suppliers, Strategies, and Potential Profitable Products Available For Sale. Let's Just Say, If Some People Can't Afford Specific Deals, You May Be Granted The Opportunity To Do So!

C. ​Build Your Own Network and Promote Your Own Social Media Profiles, Content, Products For Sale, etc.

D. Also Keep In Mind, This Private Group Is NOT Limited to Just E-Commerce, Gain Knowledge In Real Estate, The Stock Market, Crypto, Forex Markets, Affiliate Marketing, Discuss Gambling, Freelancing, Hobbies, and much more...

(Worth $250/Month)

Listen, if you're on this page, chances are...

We have either spoken before, you have seen at least some of my content, and/or know what I bring to the table!

As you already know...

I try to be as transparent and helpful as possible!

This is why I created this WIN-WIN OPPORTUNITY!

While most training programs are $1,000's of dollars...

I'm giving those of you with limited capital, the opportunity to get immediate access to my advanced e-commerce training program for essentially pennies!

I KNOW how important it for you to use the money you have put together to buy inventory...

Let me give a quick scenario...

Picture this.

You have saved up $1,000 total. 

Sound familiar?...

You choose to pull the trigger and spend $199.99 right now.

Let's say It takes you 1-2 weeks to go through the program I am offering and you are able to get everything set up.

You find a couple suppliers very quickly...

Let's say within an hour, by using just 1 strategy I show in my advanced program.

Those suppliers start sending you deals.

You do product research.

You find an offer you like.

You ask me if you think it's a good deal. (The "Product Research Double Check / Verification" service I offer when you sign up now!)

I say yes.

Inventory costs you $800, you make a 25% ROI.

Keep in mind, it is now ONLY the back-end of around weeks 2-4.

Your profit is $200 on your 1st deal in less than a month.

You didn't have any prior experience or knowledge NOR did you have to run any paid advertising.

AND keep in mind...

This is just 1 single product you found very quickly!

NOW this is where 3 things start to happen...

1. Not only have you made your money back...

2. But you now have started to learn the entire process.

3. AND you have a complete life long lasting mindset shift and start to realize you have something and say, "HOLY SH*T this actually works... There is massive opportunity here!"

#3 is the MOST POWERFUL. Very Very Powerful.

You will understand EXACTLY what I'm referring to once you experience it!

Oh and by the way, keep in mind... 

Your 1st deal may actually net you a 40% ROI or 60% ROI, the 20% ROI example was just a common example.

So think about this...

If you have to reread the scenario again, then reread it.

Essentially you will be getting all 3 of these things I mentioned (and much much more) for ONLY $199.99.

Let's take it a step further...

Let's fast-forward to 3 years from now...

You have decided to commit to this business, work hard, and reinvest all your profits.

You've even decided after Year #1, you know what I want?

"I want!... To make this a more PASSIVE business for me."

So you decide...

I'm going to start building a team to do most of the work FOR ME!

So now, you have made the commitment to work less while still making money...

Under the assumption, you decide to reinvest your profits back into your business (like most smart business owners do)...

I built out a quick Excel spreadsheet showing basic compound interest calculations using just a 10% ROI. (See image below)

For some people...

It takes a picture to see the REAL POWER OF COMPOUND INTEREST!

It truly is POWERFUL!

Albert Einstein once said - "Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it."

8th wonder of the world. 

Quote by 1 of the smartest person to ever step foot on this planet.

Enough said.

Here's 1 more example of compound interest just to ensure you fully understand...

What happens if you have $3,000 to spend on inventory (after the $199.99) and shoot for a 15% ROI? (See image below)

Crazy what hard work and consistency does, right?

When I show people this, they kick themselves and say either, "Why didn't I start investing my money sooner?"

And that's why I am giving YOU the opportunity to get access to my advanced e-commerce training program for just $199.99!

There are literally so many individual lessons inside this program that are worth the $199.99 alone!

Keep in mind...

We are really only talking about money right now...

You are not only learning step-by-step how to videos, you are learning how to build a REAL business as well!

That's the difference...

Anyone can make show you how to do this and how to do that...

But are you being taught a REAL skill?

Are they showing you how to build a REAL business???

Are they teaching you something you can put to use for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?

Are they teaching you something you can implement if you think of a brilliant idea and want to start a brand new business?

Something taught that will last you a LIFETIME

And again, that's the difference...

I'm here to make an IMPACT!

I'm here to CHANGE LIVES!

This is what gives MY life PURPOSE!

This is what makes me want to keep pushing forward!

This is why I LOVE what I do!

This is EXACTLY why I said this is a WIN-WIN opportunity!

Again, I only like to talk RESULTS...

Point A to Point B...

I want to be that bridge to get you from Point A to Point B.

It seems like everyday somebody new, posts their incredible results in my Facebook group...

Seriously, I have a question for you... 

Why can't you be next?...

You may not realize it yet, but...

YOUR goals are well within reach!

All you need is that bridge, that FORMULA, that extra push, (whatever you want to call it) to get YOU there!

Listen, I don't like to make guarantees ...


You will know exactly what I'm talking about immediately when I say, "This is BEYOND WORTH IT!"

Are you ready to join 1,000's of others?

Are you ready to change your life?

Are you ready to be the next success story?

I'll answer for you... 


See you inside!!!

Your friend,
Mike Rosko

Frequently Asked Questions

So Who Exactly Is This For?

This is for pretty much anyone who is looking for a long term sustainable way to start making more money online!

I Am Not From The U.S. Would This Still Work For Me?

Yes, my the principles within my program can be applied to just about any country!

When Do I Get Access To The Program After I Sign Up?

You should receive an e-mail within 15 minutes of signup up!  If you don't see the e-mail, make sure to check your Spam folder as well! If you still don't see the email, email: and we will manually add you to the program!

Excluding Program Costs, How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Absolute bare minimum is $500, $1,500 works, and $5,000 is a great starting point!

I Am In School AND/OR Working Full-Time, Do I Have Enough Time To Run This Business?

We actually recommend people to NOT quit their jobs just yet! Only until they reach a certain point in their business is when you should consider quitting your job! You should use your free time for this business (1-6 hours a day works)! Remember, slow and steady wins the race! This business model is not going anywhere! Consistency, working hard, being patient, and persistency wins!

What About The Legal Stuff Like LLC's, Taxes, Permits, Hiring Papers, Forms, etc.?

Everything you need to know is shown step-by-step inside the program!

I Found A Pirated Version Of Your Program Elsewhere Should I Buy It Instead?

I mean you could if you want, but I personally wouldn't because of many reasons:

#1 My pricing is fair enough already (I purposely dropped my prices so everyone can have the opportunity to start this business) 

#2 You won't get access to any of perks that are incredibly valuable such as the product research double check, coaching calls, exclusive group, 1 on 1, networking, etc. (Remember, sometimes it's not always about the program itself! Sometimes you need that extra push and some bonuses!) 

#3 I am the 1 who put in all the hard work to change other peoples' lives, you should always consider rewarding the person who's worked hard and actually cares about your success!

Our Refund Guarantee

We have a 14 Day Action-Based Guarantee, because we know this business works and we want people to take action. You should very quickly make your money back AND more that's how confident we are! You can read about the action-based guarantee by clicking on "14 Day". (Our 7 Day Trial Offer Is Not Included In Our Refund Guarantee).

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