About Mike Rosko
Mike's Vision: To provide the best e-commerce training this world has ever seen, where everyday people can start their own successful e-commerce businesses. 

Mike's Mission: To help anybody, start a successful e-commerce business.

Mike Rosko is an entrepreneur from New Jersey who graduated from the Rutgers University Magna Cum Laude Honors and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management (also an inductee of Alpha Sigma Lambda and Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Societies). Shortly after graduating, he started two successful companies by the age of 27 working out of his parent's house.

Mike is an e-commerce consultant who helps people start, build, and grow their own e-commerce business from A-Z, even helping those without any experience or knowledge generate their 1st e-commerce sale in as fast as 21 days.

Mike first discovered his passion for selling products when he started flipping professional sports jerseys (NFL, NBA, MLB) in school for profit and transitioned it into selling online.

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