Interested in E-Commerce?
I specialize in helping everyday people get their 1st e-commerce sale in as fast as 21 days.

Have You Considered Trying To Sell Products Online?

I have good news and I have bad news...

Everybody always wants the bad news first.

So here it is.

It's no secret...

There's a TON of noise in the e-commerce space...

Do this! No, do that. No... try this!

There are WAY TOO MANY options.

And quite frankly, it IS OVERWHELMING to those just starting.

The truth is...

Because of this, people get caught up spending all their time learning instead of actually starting.

You cannot get results if you don't start!

But the good news is...

There's a lot of noise for a reason...

With all this noise, there's also TREMENDOUS amounts of opportunity!

E-Commerce is on the RISE and has changed many peoples lives.

(P.S. I didn't mean to rhyme there, it just happened haha!)

Some people make $100 a month selling products online and they're happy with that!

While others are making 4, 5, 6 figures and some even MILLIONS!

But hey, guess what?

Regardless, an extra $100 a month is LIFE CHANGING for a lot of people.

Let me get back to the point.

I'm going to make this so simple for you.

I don't want to CONFUSE you with telling you to do this, do that, or try this.

Here's what I'm going to do.

I'm Looking For Anybody Looking To Start Selling Products Online To Personally Help 1 On 1 And Get Their 1st E-Commerce Sale In As Fast As 21 Days From Their Own Home Without Any Prior Knowledge OR Experience Needed, NOR Will You Have to Learn How To Run Ads.

Would You Take Me Up On This Offer?

MY GOAL Is Simple.

Get YOU Your FIRST E-Commerce Sale In As Fast As 21 Days.

Forget all the noise.

Let's Talk RESULTS Only!

Because let's be real here...

RESULTS and setting yourself up for even more success in the future is all that matters!

Everybody wants to show you how to do this and that, but nobody wants to show you how to get straight to results.

So that's why I'm offering to personally help you 1 on 1 get your 1st e-commerce sale in as fast as 21 days.

Keep in mind...

This isn't just limited to those who have never attempted to sell products online.

This could also be for someone looking to increase their sales.

Or maybe for somebody who's looking to try out something new in the e-commerce space.

Or maybe you have tried and failed in the e-commerce world X amount of times and NOTHING seems to have worked. 

Bottom line, regardless of what stage you're at along your journey...

I'm looking for anybody looking to see REAL RESULTS in as fast as 21 days.

No Experience? No problem.

Zero Knowledge? No problem.

Failed Before? No problem.

I'm Looking To Personally Help YOU 1 On 1 Using My Methodology and Processes To Help You Get Your 1st E-Commerce Sale In As Fast As 21 Days.

Are You Ready To Join Thousands of Others And Be My Next Success Story?

Success Stories

Over $75,000/Month in just a few Months!!!

and many more...

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Saving From HUGE Mistakes

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Speaking & Media

Do you have a YouTube channel, podcast, blog, doing an interview series or maybe looking for a stage presence? 

Someone to help your audience further expand their knowledge via critical thinking in regards to topics such as e-commerce, finances, investing, entrepreneurship, economics?

Feel free to shoot a detailed Speaking and/or Media Request directly to Mike Rosko via e-mail at


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