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What's Included In My Course?
  • Constant Updating
  • 18 In-Depth Modules + 6 Bonus Modules (Consists of over 100 Lessons)
  • Done-for-You Scripts
  •  Step-By-Step Guides
  •  Fill-In-The-Blank Templates
  •  + MUCH MORE....!!!
***Covers THE ESSENTIALS of Selling on Amazon in Precise Detail from A-Z!
What's In My Course? (In More Detail)
Module #1 - Introduction / Basics / Set-Up
  • Who Am I and Why Did I Make This Course?
  • 14 Day Action Based Guarantee Refund Policy
  • Why This Refund Policy?
  •  Purpose
  •  Steps To Take
  •  Tips
Module #2 - History of Retail
  • What is Retail?
  • How Does The Retail Chain Work?
  • Purpose
  • ​Terms To Know
Module #3 -  Overview Of Selling on Amazon
  • Amazon Introduction
  • Fulfillment Methods on Amazon; Which Is The Best and Why?
  •  Types of Business Models on Amazon; Which Is The Best and Why?
  • Where Do You Get Your Products From?
  •  Most Important Pieces In This Business Model
Module #4 -  Guide to Starting your Business
  • What You Need
  • Walk-Through of Starting your Legal Business Of Everything Needed (Many Step By Step Videos)
  •  Taxes
Module #5 - Signing Up for Amazon
  • Creating Your Amazon Seller Account 
  •  Setting Up Amazon Seller Central
  •  Setting Up Your Tax Settings
  •  Navigating Amazon Seller Central
  • Downloading the Essential Chrome Extensions
Module #6 - Understanding How to Generate and Maximize Sales on Amazon
  • What is the Buy Box and Why is it Important?
  • How To Win The Buy Box
  • Overview of Calculating Sales per Month
Module #7 -  Top Strategies For Finding Suppliers To Work With
  • Types of Suppliers
  • How Many Suppliers Do You Need?
  • Method #1: Are You Ready To Explore?
  •  Method #2: Let's Hang Out
  •  Method #3: All From Your Own Home
  •  Method #4: Connections
  • ​Method #5: Bringing It Way Back
  • ​Method #6: As Deep As It Goes
  • ​Method #7: Where Suppliers Hang Out
  • ​Method #8: Wow Really?
  • ​Method #9: Steal Competitors' Suppliers
  • ​Other Methods... - Off To A Good Start + Leverage Built Relationships + Forum #1/#2 + Backtrack...
  • ​How To Ensure They Are A Potential Good Supplier To Work With Within Seconds
Module #8 - Working and Maintaining Relationships with Suppliers
  • Overview
  • First Impression 
  • Things Not To Do
Module #9 - How To Contact Suppliers
  • Initial Contact?
  • Questions to Ask a Supplier
Module #10 - How To Sign Up With Suppliers
  • What Documents Do You Need?
  • How To Fill Out Supplier Applications
Module #11 - Categories / Pricing
  • Categories on Amazon
  • Pricing Of Products You Get From Your Suppliers
Module #12 - Product Research
  •  How Suppliers Send You Products
  •  Step By Step How To Use A Tool To Save You Tons Of Time
  •  Think You Found A Potential Profitable Product?
  •  Ensuring It's A Profitable Product
  •  How To Add Products
Module #13 - Ungating
  •  Ungating Overview
  •  Brand Ungating
  • Sub-Category Ungating
Module #14 - Shipping
  • Types Of Shipping
  •  Shipping Process
  • How To Set Up Shipment Plans - SPD
  •  How To Set Up Shipment Plans - LTL
  •  What To Do When Your Supplier Offers Free Shipping
  • Shipment Statuses
  • ​How To File A Claim
  •  Ready To Sell
Module #15 - Product Research (In Depth And Broken Down)
  • How To Receive Products + Demand
  • ROI
  •  Tool For History Of Sales Rank
  •  Competitors
  •  Can You Sell The Product?
  •  Double Check ROI
  •  Sales Range For Protection
  •  Predicting A More Accurate Number Of Competitors
  • ​Full Keepa Guide
Module #16 - Building Relationships With Suppliers
  • Overview
  • How To
  • Become a Valued Customer
  •  Why It Is The Most Important Part Of The Business
  •  More Benefits
  •  Negotiating Prices
Module #17 - Pricing Your Products
  • Why Pricing Matters
  • How To Price Your Products?
  • What Strategies To Use?
Module #18 - Additional Strategies
  • Build Your Cash Flow
  • How To Choose What Products To Sell
  • Turn Your Knowledge Into Sole Ownership
  •  How To Hire People
  •  Leveraging / Using OPM

Module #19 - Expansion

  • Partner With Your "Competitors"? What?
  • Ship Yourself?
  • Selling On Other Platforms?
  • Taking Your Business Global
Module #20 - Supplementary Section
  • Recap
  •  What Exactly Do You Need To Do?
  •  Keeping An Eye On Your Inventory
  • Accounting
  • How To Collect Sales Tax
  •  Business Analytics
  •  Course Updates
  •  Miscellaneous
Module #21 - Situations
  • Amazon Seller Support
  • Amazon Seller Performance
  • Product Research
  •  Shipping
  •  Suppliers
  •  Extra Tips
Module #22 - Help Guides
  • 14 Day Action-Based-Guarantee Refund Policy
  •  Accounting
  •  Automation Virtual Assistant Script
  •  Autopricer
  •  Contacting Suppliers Script
  •  Finding Suppliers
  •  Goal
  •  Main Category Sales Rank Chart
  • Ordering Script
  •  Programs List
  •  Time Management
  •  Step-By-Step Guides In Writing
  •  And Many More!.....
Module #23 - Extras
  • Feedback
  • Inventory Spying
  •  Supplier Research
  •  Get Paid Faster
  •  Automatically Track Every Transaction
  •  Start Automating Your Business
  •  Product Research
  •  Build More Capital
  •  Build Your Own Website For More Sales?
  •  Products Ordered Template
  •  Daily Revenue Template
  •  Building Capital Template
  •  And Many More!.....
Module #24 - Bonus Package!
Contact Me Directly For The Bonus Package Module!
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